Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Oscars – Tourism & Tinseltown (26.02.13)

Did you watch them? Or were you unaware that they even took place this week? Indeed who does care about the AcademyView full post »

Ecuador – The Indigenous Vote (21.02.13)

Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa was re-elected this week for a third term with over 50% of the vote, presumablyView full post »

Seychelles – Paradise Islands (14.02.13)

Okay so this blog post is going to be less of “this is what’s happening” … and more of “this is where I want to be …View full post »

One Year Anniversary – My Blog & Travel Industry 12 Months On (09.02.13)

I started this blog a year ago with my first post reflecting on why I should blog in the first place. Since then I haveView full post »

Elephants – En Route to Extinction (01.02.13)

The death – by poisoning – of up to fourteen pygmy elephants in Borneo this week, once again highlights theView full post »