Film: ‘A Portrait of Cochin’ – India (12.02.18)

There are many ways to share enthusiasm for a destination, especially if you work in the business of arranging travel to far away destinations.

And while I continue to enjoy sharing my nomadic thoughts and observations through my photography, I am also delighted to post this short film, shot by my friend and travel companion Richard Crombie. Taken when we visited Cochin last year, it provides a snapshot of the engaging nature of the people of Southern India.

Travelling with an assortment of video and audio equipment, we set out specifically to meet and record a few aspects of the lives of the people of Cochin and the closer Kerala region. Returning with a wealth of exciting material, we are still delightedly piecing together stories of the people with whom we were privileged to share a brief time.

Further to my blog posts on ‘The People of Cochin‘, ‘Kathakali Dance‘, ‘Ayurveda Medicine‘ and ‘Dhobi Wallahs‘, both Richard and I hope, in time, to share much more of our favourite film footage, audio recordings and photography, on what is without doubt one of Asia’s most endearing destinations and charming societies.

In the meantime, special thanks to Tomy Jospeh, and Roney John (location team), in addition Sinna, Vipin and all our other local ground support friends, who have so admirably kept Nomadic Thoughts on the straight and narrow in India over the years.