Simon Reeve (Travel Presenter) – Interview

As lockdown travel restrictions continue, I would like to share my recent AITO interview with travel presenter Simon Reeve. Who’s upbeat travel reflections offer positive food for thought.

Full extended interview (15 mins).

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  1. Martin Hudson says:

    Hi Jono, Very enjoyable interview with Simon Reeve. As well as being an interesting interviewee, he comes across as a thoroughly likeable, good, humane person.

  2. Reza Maroof says:

    Hi Jono – just watched your interview with Simon Reeve, in addition to coincidentally his programs on Burma and India – which struck a cord with our kids. No fear that there is pent up demand for travel so soon. His humanist approach to travel is a important part of his programs. Genuine chap with great enthusiasm.

  3. Karen-Marie Dineson says:

    I really enjoyed your interview with Simon, I am a great fan of him. His reports are interesting, well balanced and he has got great empathy. I also agree with Simon`s comments about travelling.

  4. Mark Gurdon says:

    Excellent Jono, really enjoyed that … inspirational and interesting guy … like you I have been devouring all his adventures and planning ahead. Think Namibia is one I will to talking to you about soon.

  5. Russell Jones says:

    Loved the Simon Reeve interview. Has me reflecting on a life of business travel .. good bits, bad bits, the luxury, the disasters, the pitfalls, the funny stories and how it affects your desire to travel for pleasure.

  6. Naomi Reynard says:

    Well done Jono. That was throughly enjoyable. I like watching Simon Reeve so thought that was very interesting.

  7. Patrick Donovan says:

    Hi Jono many thanks for this – hope you guys at Nomadic Thoughts are bearing up. We look forward to make booking for mega holiday as soon as it becomes remotely feasible…best Patrick

  8. Andrew S-M says:

    Great interview with Simon Reeve. Thoroughly enjoyed it. His travel programmes are fantastic.

  9. Alex Haig says:

    Enjoyed listening to your interview with Simon. It was really good … some interesting points on climate change.

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