Hugh Pym (BBC Health Editor) – Interview

Last week I interviewed Hugh Pym, BBC Health Editor and winner of this year’s ‘Charles Wheeler Award for Outstanding Contributions to Broadcast Journalism‘, when moderating the AITO Travel Conference.

As the COVID-19 narrative continues to change, Hugh shares his observations so far, whilst looking forward to how he feels the situation might unfold in 2021. In addition to reflecting on his previous experiences whilst covering both the 2008 Financial Crisis as BBC’s Chief Economics Correspondent,  the present pandemic and unfolding impact on the travel & tourism industry.

Full extended interview (24 mins)

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  1. Peter Melville says:

    Great job as the interviewer and spot on with all the direct questions. Great to get direct answers as well compared to the politicians!

  2. Rafe Stone says:

    Well done Jono. Interesting and informative interview led by your personable and intelligent questions.

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