Ayurveda Medicine – India (06.08.17)

Deeply ingrained throughout the Indian sub-continent’s culture is the classical practice of Ayurveda. A system of alternative medicine, it has over the millennia played as integral a part in traditional life as religion and the ancient martial arts of dance, yoga and meditation.

Ayurveda practices remain a constant element in modern life, offering a continued healthcare system focused on a science of clean living through natural diagnosis, herbal medicine and disciplined dedication. It attracts huge numbers of international visitors seeking to learn how to engage in and practice a healthy way of life.

Simple, clean and pure, Ayurveda remains one of the world’s oldest all-inclusive healing practices, dating back 5,000 years. These days it is magnificently delivered through massage, therapeutic programmes and yoga retreats at well-recognised health centres and a large number of hotels, particularly in the south. Empowering patients to follow a philosophy of clean living, it is also backed up by direct treatments for specific medical ailments. So whether seeking a short blast of health inspiration, or a longer term diagnosis and treatment, the dual hit of a close-to-hand medical advice centre and a charming holiday destination awaits.

When diagnosing a patient’s health, doctors regard the body’s free flowing healthy channels, or srotas, as essential. Srotas enhance the ability to lead a healthy and peaceful life, especially when combined with a holistic balance of physical exercise and mental well-being.

Teachers of Ayurveda medicine wield a strong influence on society. With a firm focus on balanced diet and plant-based treatments (from leaves, fruits, leaves, seeds and bark), it is a well-respected practice used by 80% of Indians and 75% of Nepalese.

Although I have only dabbled in Ayurveda while travelling in India over the years, I can at least wholeheartedly recommend the massage treatments. Not least as the last all-over deep tissue massage I was prescribed was guaranteed to give me a lasting six month benefit. Four months in and I still feel – and obviously look – the picture of health.