Bogotá’s Booming Street Art – Colombia (21.07.19)

The explosion of street art across the city of Bogotá reflects Columbia’s emergence from decades of domestic conflict, involving drug cartels, rebel groups and paramilitaries.

Exciting, colourful and fun, this funky artform lifts the spirit of the city, from the centre right out to its very edges.

The country’s capital sets the heartbeat of this changing society. Offering its many visitors a vibrant balance between traditional and contemporary – colonial buildings rub shoulders with gentle urban expansion – the city’s lively street art is complemented by the glut of bars, restaurants and energetic public spaces.

Similar to my previous blogs on the dynamism that street artists can bring to a down-at-heel urban space – Lapa (Rio de Janerio), El Salvador, Brick Lane (London), Leon (Nicaragua) – the lifting of Bogotá’s street scene has been hugely enhanced by today’s colour-conscious graffiti artists.

Although the tough side of this high-altitude city is never far away – with poorer barrios to the south brushing up against affluent areas, such as Zona Rosa, to the north – the range of tourist attractions, combined with the youthful nightlife scenes makes Bogotá one of South America’s most exciting cities.

So as you stroll between the labyrinth of streets and parks, en route to La Candelaria and Monserrate, or through to the Gold or Botero Museums, enjoy the animation of the city’s street murals and wall collages.

Bogotá is after all a truly cosmopolitan metropolis with its own firebrand hallmark of authenticity and vibrance. Superbly enhanced by an expanding army of street artists.