East Africa – Wilderness Camps & Lodges (08.06.17)

Africa exudes a sense of remote wilderness – to a backdrop of big skies and horizon stretching scenery – perhaps more than any other continent. The opportunity to escape all that is contemporary, and immerse yourself in a timeless landscape, is truly one of modern day travel’s most thrilling experiences.

East Africa in particular – with its unique climate, geography and wildlife – continues to blaze a trail in offering travellers and environmentalists a chance to witness and protect some of the continent’s most important flora and fauna.

Equally, the exciting variety of wilderness safari camps and lodges allows for some of the planet’s most extraordinary ‘up close & personal’ wildlife experiences. Although one’s individual budget and requirements for creature comforts will dictate exactly where one chooses to stay, in our experience at Nomadic Thoughts, the thrilling diversity of safari camp and lodge options continues to be majestically different.

Nothing beats a ‘middle-of-nowhere’ vibe, especially when staying in a charming, uber-cool bush hideout.

As these photos highlight, I have been fortunate enough to visit some of the region’s remotest and wildest accommodation. In my experience one should ideally factor in a variety of properties, so as to enjoy a mixture of bush experiences. Even the furthest-flung of safari camps can now offer a truly internationally high standard of cuisine, with top drawer hospitality, allowing for some of the most rewarding accommodation experiences anywhere.

Selecting where to stay, as much as where to go, is always problematic. Not least as East Africa’s vast landscapes include inland mountains, deserts, savanna, forests, jungles and wetlands stretching over 682,590 square kilometres. From Sudan and Ethiopia in the north, through to Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania in the south.

We believe that there is suitable wilderness accommodation for everyone’s taste. Not only in the traditional safari destinations, but also in the remoter corners of East Africa. So whether looking to travel through the main safari environments, along rivers, up snow-capped volcanoes, next to the Great Migration, along the Rift Valley or into the back of beyond – rest assured the choice of exciting wilderness camps and lodges is extensive.

In short, East Africa’s unparalleled wildlife is matched by its unparalleled diversity of wilderness camps and lodges.