Greece – Island Time (28.05.17)

While there is no bad time to visit any of Greece’s 6,000 islands, the spring and late summer months,  with their lovely temperatures and lack of crowds, stand out as even more perfect than usual.

Spread out like stars in the night sky across the Aegean and Ionian Seas, the islands will take you a lifetime to explore.  You will never stop finding new beaches, bays, coves, inlets, islets, islands and mythical hideaways. Surprisingly only 227 of them are inhabited. Which for travellers and tourists alike, leads to endless voyages of discovery, whether navigating on a boat or exploring from the quieter, remoter islands.

Furthermore, for those looking to plant down in one spot – whether embracing a ‘flop & drop’, or ‘get out and about’ experience – each individual island has its own charm, ambience and pace of life. Never too hurried, island life is a far cry from the bustle over on the mainland.

If you have ever been, you will want to return. If you haven’t, well, stand by to fall in love with an archipelago boasting over 7,500kms of coastline, countless ancient archaeological sites, a distinct architectural heritage and centuries of tradition. Moreover, prepare for the warmest of island welcomes, rich culture and an inexhaustible supply of crystal-clear blue sea views.

Certainly we at Nomadic Thoughts are hard pushed to choose a favourite island. Not least as the memories of stunning beaches, secret swim spots, sweeping vistas and much-loved sea-food servings soon blend in together.

The variety of exciting coastal hotels and away-from-it-all holiday spots hold their own in an otherwise changing world tourism market. However many minimalist boutique hotels, wilderness hideaways or glitzy new activity parks open on the other side of the world, it is hard to beat the everlasting charm of one of Europe’s largest and most longstanding tourism gems.

The Greek Islands continue to be true royalty in a world of ever-expanding tourism hot spots. In many locations seemingly untouched by time, history or politics.