Greece – Sailing Holidays (17.06.16)

Iconic fishing harbours, deserted beaches, lazy-day bays, legendary sea-views, idyllic anchorages, ancient history and spinnaker busting reaches… yes please.


All this is ready and waiting, with a backdrop of traditional village life that more often than not overlooks aqua-marine coves, crystal clear waters and crowd-free coastlines. Exploring Greece’s Mediterranean waters, with over 6,000 islands, remains one of modern day travel’s most exciting dreams.

Ever since the ancient Greeks prayed to Poseidon, the most thrilling way to explore such a remarkable landscape is by boat. Where else can you mix mythology, magical seascapes and a pace of life hardly altered for millennia?


We at Nomadic Thoughts delight offering a wide range of Greek boating options, including private yacht charter, independent or skippered bareback sailing, flotilla holidays or mega yacht charters. For your part, you will delight in surrendering to Greek island life, as I discovered with my family last summer. Even the most inexperienced of sailors can enjoy opportunities to boat across, through and around many of the Greek sailing areas.

Island-hopping, with array of local tavernas, means that you don’t need to do more than stock up the fridge with cold beer and wine, possibly brew a cup of tea or build a midday sandwich. Once on shore your biggest problem is simply adjusting to the gentle pace any restauranteur takes in preparing and serving your order.


As winds tend to get stronger the further eastwards you head, we can advise on the most appropriate sailing locations. For example the Ionian Islands are more suited to a relaxed sailing holiday, while Skiathos and Saronic Gulf offer an exciting variety of stunning island scenery with modern and ancient cultures. The Aegean and Dodecanese get more challenging the further eastward you go, not least as you will have to contend with weighing up whether you want to live permanently in one of the white-washed villages, so majestically located across the string of sun-drenched islands.

sundown-sail-copyright-jonoHaving been fortunate enough to explore much of Greece’s seas over the years, both under sail as well as on board one of the largest private yachts, I also enjoy explaining the different Greek sailing options. As these photos highlight, the allure of the Greek islands keep them right on course as one of the country’s most dynamic and foolproof national Tourism Industry treasures.