Mauritius – Summertime Special (18.07.14)

Mauritius, over the decades, has been one of Nomadic Thoughts’ most successful and popular beach destinations. Offering visitors a year-round opportunity to maximise on the island’s charming array of turquoise lagoons, white sand beaches and never-ending bright saffron sunsets.


In addition to 2,000kms of coastline, Mauritius has an exciting variety of hotels catering for all ages and aspirations. There is a plethora of classic south-sea coastal locations with an exceptionally high standard of hotel services supported by excellent hotel staff training programmes.

As a destination, the island answers many holiday-seekers’ questions. Whether looking for a quiet escape away from commercial holiday crowds, action-packed water-sport holiday, a manicured links course or mixture of tropical relaxation and south-sea island culture, you will find it on Mauritius, off the southeast coast of the African continent.

The north, south, west and eastern coasts are pristine, varied and beautiful. A coral reef circles the 2,040 km2 region, boasting a limitless collection of bright, calm, iridescent waters, stunning palm fringed bays and safe, rip-free, swimming environments. Visitors need few, if any, inoculations and there are no mainstream package tourist charter flight services. Local cuisine is both unique and exciting, with a diverse selection of local cultures, creeds and customs reflecting the island’s multi-ethnic, multicultural population.


With a wide range of locally spoken languages, if you get caught speeding in Mauritius expect to get a ticket in English, an official dressing down in French and a more colourful rollicking in Mauritian creole.

As a standalone beach holiday destination it is simply superb, offering classic bounty-bar-beaches, the friendliest people and top quality hotels. In addition, comparing the island and its hotel prices to the vast majority of other worldwide exotic beach destinations, it remains not only “top draw”, but also often extremely good value for money.

This is particularly true during the northern hemisphere summer months, as the exciting variety of Mauritian low season hotel promotions compare extremely favourably to the often over-crowded, over-priced and over-hyped Mediterranean beach options. In addition, aside from the island’s superior standard of hotels, the summer month promotions are genuinely good value for money in a like-for-like comparison to America, Middle East and Asia.


Direct flights mean that the island is easily accessible from Africa, Europe and the Middle East, with favourably priced airfare promotions.

Mauritius’s weather is favourable too. Renowned as a year-round destination, the less humid, non-monsoon climate patterns suit families extremely well. For example, between June and October weather patterns make the Indian sub-continent and many South East Asian destinations no-go areas for tourists. Parts of Central America and the pre-hurricane season Caribbean are not necessarily ideal during this period either. In contrast, Mauritius’ weather makes a good alternative during these months.

So if you are stuck looking for a last minute escape, and could do with a blast of classic tropical beach with facilities to match, at particularly good value for money, let us, at Nomadic Thoughts, introduce you to some exciting holiday options in Mauritius.

To get you in the mood – I took this montage of images, from across the island, when I last visited during our European summer months.

The bike, the beach, the sunset, the pool, zip-wire, sailing boat and people await with open arms.