Stepping Down – Chair of AITO’s Climate Crisis Think Tank (ACT)

As we move into 2023, I confirm my standing down as Chair of ACT (AITO Climate Crisis Think Tank).

I would like to thank all who have been involved in the setting up and driving forward of AITO’s climate crisis response. Since we initially launched ACT in November 2019, your collective energy and continued enthusiasm have AITO well positioned.

Further to galvanizing the debate with-in AITO, with a strong focus on supporting those wishing to engage & react to the climate crisis, our ACT website highlights how successfully our platform has assisted the broader AITO family. In addition to our desired Net Zero statement, signing of the Glasgow Declaration, collection of presentations, webinars, articles, videos, toolkits & expert support, we have also reached out to fellow industry stakeholders.

Certainly, when I reflect on the last 3 years, I believe AITO is well set for further development. For example, it will be exciting when our Northumbria University Aviation Project bears fruit on relevant data to be presented to powers that be. In addition, it was particularly heartening to recently launch AITO’s carbon off-set scheme with Fenix.

With ACT and the Sustainable Tourism (ST) Committee now coming together in 2023, the timing for a new Chair is perfect.  Furthermore, as one of the original AITO Responsible Tourism Committee founders (set up over 20 years ago – resulted in me serving 9 years on ST Committee), I feel the onus of moving the debate forward will be better served by a new set of eyes and ears.

The climate crisis, as well as all things ST, are after all our collective responsibility. So, I urge any/all who feel passionate about the subject to get involved with AITO’s new, yet already dynamic, ACT & ST Committee. Not least, as shown at the recent AITO Overseas Conference in Braga, the importance of all things ST & Climate Crisis remain high on members and business affiliates priorities.

Sincere thanks, and all eco-power for 2023 – Jono

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