Top 10 Least Populated Countries (17.09.17)v

War, storms, disasters, polarised politics and loony leaders… need a break?

If you are looking for a trip away from it all, the best advice is to head for places with mega-low populations. You have more chance of finding solitude and peace away from the great metropolises of the Far East, Europe and America and of course the globe’s more far-flung destinations offer the great de-stresser – nature in all its wild and grandstanding glory.

The chances of getting caught up in, or even hearing about, negative news stories shrinks rapidly when in relatively under-populated destinations. The list below offers travellers a chance to move closer to Mother Nature, which continues to be the picture-perfect antidote to aggressive politics, religious conflict and war.

Keeping away from the fault lines and planning a trip out of the most adverse weather seasons is also advisable. So get your diaries, maps and peace mats out.

The World’s Top 10 Least Populated Countries (as specified by the UN’s Population Division):


  1. Greenland (0.0 people per sq km)

2. Falkland Islands (0.03)

3. Mongolia (1.9)

4. Western Sahara (2.3)

5. Namibia (2.9)

6. French Guiana (2.9)

7. Australia (3.1)

8. Iceland (3.3)

9. Suriname (3.3)

10. Botswana (3.5)

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