Travel Videos – Choosing the Best (04.06.18)

Travel Videos – Choosing the Best

How to find the best travel videos?

That’s a question which could easily take a lifetime of viewing to answer. For starters, a simple ‘travel video’ search on YouTube gives you over 47 million choices. Factor in that there are upwards of 400 hours of video uploaded every minute, with 1 billion mobile videos viewed every day, and you are in for some serious couch time.

Vimeo can help cut to chase – as their search only lists 353,000 travel videos.

However video trippy you are and whatever attention span you have, if you want to move away from the ‘how to’ videos (which multiply 70% year on year), or music videos (95% of all viewed videos), and fancy a brief magic carpet ride check these out (click on each photo):




South Africa:

Or …

India – the film Richard Crombie and I made from a recent trip to Cochin, Kerala, India:

People of Cochin:

And if you’re open to random suggestion, try National Geographic’s top ten travel videos:

Or for those feeling brave and dangerous, there’s always the Banff Film Festival, best booked and seen at local venues. Equally the UNWTO’s Tourism Video Competition offers a broad range of trips.