Monthly Archives: October 2014

New Life Mexico visit – October 2014 (31.10.14)

I have just returned from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where my sister Philippa runs our now long-standing children’sView full post »

Grand Canyon, USA – Magic Carpet Helicopter Ride (26.10.14)

Is helicoptering across, around and over the Grand Canyon the magic carpet ride to end all magical carpet rides? Yes.View full post »

Monument Valley, Utah – USA (19.10.14)

I am writing this blog on a hot evening in the Mid-West, USA, while a steady sunset takes over from a bright clear sky.View full post »

Wahiba Sands, Oman (09.10.14)

The spectacular 12,500 sq km Omani desert region of Wahiba Sands is without doubt one of today’s most exciting, safeView full post »

International Day of Older Persons (01.10.14)

Today is United Nations’ International Day of Older Persons. India – 6 million people over age of 80. For storyView full post »