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Adventure Travel – Top Five Changes

This week I attended the Adventure Travel Conference

El Salvador Superb – Ignore Trump’s Fake News (14.01.18)

Donald Trump, the current President of the USA and

Nomadic Thoughts 30 Years … and more (05.01.18)

The first week of January 2018 completes 30 years of

Myanmar (Burma) – Tourism Tightrope (30.12.17)

‘To travel or not to travel?’  is an increasingly

People of Kenya (17.12.17)

As a traveller, tourist and tour operator I have

International Civil Aviation Day (07.12.17)

December 7 is International Civil Aviation Day, the

Évora Street-scene – Alentejo, Portugal (03.12.17)

Évora, located due east of Lisbon, within striking

Dhobi Wallahs – India (26.11.17)

The collective army of Dhobi-wallahs (washermen/women)

Street Art – El Salvador (13.11.17)

Thanks to poor publicity, which has until now focused

Bird Watch – Honduras (04.11.17)

Just as ravens keep watch over the Tower of London,

Volcano Climb Extraordinaire – Concepción, Nicaragua (26.10.17)

The sight of Concepcion, the country’s second highest

Limestone Coast, South Australia (22.10.17)

The never-ending coastline of Australia, at 25,760km,

Vis Island, Croatia (15.10.17)

This week I had the pleasure of playing cricket in

Monarch Airlines Failure – Reasons, Observations & Obligations (02.10.17)

This week has seen the collapse of Monarch Airlines,

World Tourism Day – Celebration or Decimation? (27.09.17)

This year’s World Tourism Day (27th September) asks

Moray, Peru – Inca Laboratory (24.09.17)

Moray, the huge and dramatic whirlpool-shaped Inca

Top 10 Least Populated Countries (17.09.17)

War, storms, disasters, polarised politics and loony