Monthly Archives: August 2016

New Lifeline – Water, Water Everywhere (27.08.16)

This is a tremendously exciting week for our charity New Lifeline (NLL). We are delighted to announce that through NewView full post »

West Fjords – Iceland (22.08.16)

The West Fjords (Vestfiroir), on the very edge of the Arctic Circle, clinging onto Iceland by a mere 10km strip ofView full post »

Vatnajökull Glacier – Covering 9% of Iceland (15.08.16)

Plonked like a thick giant skullcap across over 8,000 km2 of south east Iceland, the Vatnajökull Glacier – or ‘VatnaView full post »

Burj Khalifa, Dubai – World’s Tallest (06.08.16)

After last week’s blog on Shibam in Yemen, about the world’s oldest skyscrapers, we are moving this week to theView full post »

Shibam, Yemen – Original Manhattan (01.08.16)

As the suitability or otherwise of travel destinations around the world changes on an almost weekly basis these days, IView full post »