Monthly Archives: December 2016

Surf Rescue – Australia (30.12.16)

The year 2017 is the 110th anniversary of the formation of Australia’s Surf Life Saving organisation. To this day it isView full post »

Gastronomy Tourism (23.12.16)

Gastronomy tourism is booming. This is a delight for all, as well as a terrific example of how mainstream tourism canView full post »

Rock-Hewn Churches – Lalibela, Ethiopia (19.12.16)

As over two billion Christians focus on the events in Jerusalem two thousand years ago, the dramatic mountain regionsView full post »

Jordan – Middle East Magic (09.12.16)

If there ever was a modern day, Petra-style hidden treasure, swamped by a tidal wave of media paranoia, then Jordan isView full post »

Dead Sea – Jordan Valley (02.12.16)

Eerily desolate, blindingly hot and strangely spellbinding, the Dead Sea is the world’s deepest hyper-salineView full post »