Catalonia Cycling – Spain

“When, how and where to travel?” This is a big question for some of us in fantasising about coming out of the COVID-19 lock-down.

My advice: “… as soon as possible, by bicycle, Catalonian – Spain”.

The attraction of travelling and cycling in Catalonia is especially so as the Spanish government is focused on opening a COVID-19 free air bridge into ‘safe tourist routes’ between localised regions and provinces. Starting in July there will be no need to quarantine on arrival, with epidemiologists insisting that early travellers must keep the focus on low-impact tourism.

Bicycling not only goes hand-in-hand with Governments’ desire to “create a new era for cycling & walking, it is also one of the most pleasant ways to explore, embrace and enjoy the surrounding countryside and Coast Brava coastline north of Barcelona.

I love the Catalonian combination of spectacular shoreline scenery, charming inland villages and mix of culture and cuisine. Whether visiting as a short break, or longer period, you have your work cut out trying to take it all in. It is a busy map when planning a route along their view-stretching shores, with abundant waterfront towns and villages, as well as myriad of fabulous days-gone-by rural communities. Throw in a selection of impressive National Parks, a well organised, yet not too strenuous, cycling itinerary will deliver a hugely pleasurable fresh-air escape.

Particularly enjoyable as a small group, whether planning a family activity holiday or cycling expedition (with long lunches) with friends. As these photos show, I highly recommend the mix of coast, cuisine, and Catalonian countryside.

This region of Spain is often overlooked. Albeit those that initially took the Costa Brava to heart, after the coastal region was identified in the 1950s as one of Europe’s most sort after destinations, return time and again. For good reason.

In addition to offering a perfect cycling environment, the area’s excellent climate, panoramic surroundings, swath of beaches, history and culture are guaranteed to re-kindle your traveller’s spirit.

At the very least, the combination of an enjoyable cycling activity and hugely impressive Catalonian neighbourhood will dispel those lock-down blues, in favour of a darn good holiday-break.

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  1. Mike Walley says:

    Sold! I have been working in Barcelona for years and never made it out of the city. Now I see what I’ve been missing!

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