Nomadic Thoughts – Nominated for ‘Best Luxury Holiday Company’ Award (20.09.13)

As one of the smallest nominee companies we are particularly proud that our commitment to personal service and luxury holidays across the globe continues to be acknowledged by this ‘Best Luxury Holiday Company’ Award nomination – and would like to thank everyone who has voted for us so far.

Luxury Travel - as much about the 'experience' as staying in a boutique hotel.

Luxury Travel – as much about the ‘experience’ as staying in a boutique hotel

The deadline for voting is 30th September. If you would still like to vote for us please do as follows:


  1. Go to British Travel Awards
  2. Fill out & submit registration details
  3. Go to the top category – ‘Who Are The Best Holiday Companies’
  4. First listing – ‘Best Luxury Holiday Company’

It has been a hectic year, not only for us but also for the industry as a whole. From our perspective – offering such a wide range of destinations – we have again seen a number of our holiday regions affected by an ever-changing political and economic landscape. Some of our longstanding favourites in the Middle East and Africa have struggled with political change, while others, such as Brazil and Australia, have also experienced a downturn in tourism mainly due to their own currency fluctuations.

New ‘holiday spots’ have sprung up, as have a variety of new holiday activities. Luxury hotels have continued to embrace the popular ‘boutique theme’ just as the rise in ‘home-stay holidays’ has become more popular.

Home-stay holidays on the rise.

Home-stay holidays – on the rise

Environmental changes have also affected destinations and travel company responsibilities – for example the threefold increase in spawning salmon returning to the rivers of north west America has given the brown and grizzly bears a field day.

California widl-fires

California wild-fires

Californian national parks have had to curb tourism due to an increase in wild fires. Central America has witnessed a more subdued hurricane season, and South America continues to be affected by the momentous annual rise and fall of the Amazon water table.

Looking forward, I personally think that although destinations such as Peru, Mexico, East Africa and Indochina appear to be mainstream ‘long haul’ holiday locations today, they have not seen anything yet. The rapid expansion in world tourism – now over a billion annual international travellers – means that supply is going to continue to struggle to keep up with demand. All four of these regions will see a considerable rise in their popularity.

Machu Picchu - hasn't seen anything yet.

Machu Picchu – hasn’t seen anything yet

As exciting as it is to be operating within the tourism industry today, the responsibility of safeguarding the world’s often over-loved heritage sites and natural environments remains imperative. Machu Picchu is considering a new half-day ticket system, Mt Everest a climbing quota and Venice wants to ban cruise ships all together.

Central American hurricanes down in 2013

Hurricanes down in 2013

The political instability affecting recently popular tourist countries such as Egypt, Syria and Lebanon is in contrast to tourism expansion in the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Similarly the increase in  wealth of China’s new-found middle class has affected tourism on a number of different levels. On the one hand Asian holiday destinations are booming, while on the other, Africa’s wild animal poaching appears to be unstoppable, as the demand for ivory and rhino horn in China speeds the world towards total extinction.

Egyptian tourist number down

Egyptian tourist number down

Luxury travel is often difficult to keep abreast with, as so many exciting new boutique properties open and the desire to introduce ‘luxury’ into wild destinations brings about a revolution in the discerning traveller’s wish-list. For example we at Nomadic Thoughts have found that the overall ‘experience’ has become as important as the desire to enjoy the simple pleasure of a luxury venue. Traipsing through the jungle can now very much be as luxurious an experience as driving across an untouched white sand beach or sailing along an unspoilt reef.

Elephants facing extinction?

Elephants facing extinction?

Nomadic Thoughts will continue to endeavour to be the ‘Best Luxury Company’, in the hope that we can share with you our favourite holiday destinations, offering memories for a lifetime.

Do have a look at our website for ideas, give us a call for further inspiration … and if you feel so inclined, please do give us a vote!

Boutique hotel luxury

Boutique hotel luxury