One Year Anniversary – My Blog & Travel Industry 12 Months On (09.02.13)

I started this blog a year ago with my first post reflecting on why I should blog in the first place. Since then I have enjoyed commenting on a multitude of travel tropics and industry issues – while sharing what I hope have been some worthwhile images from a great variety of worldwide locations.

– I took all of the photos in this blog post over the last twelve months, selecting a favourite from each month – 

Nomadic Thoughts Buddha - © Nomadic Thoughts (Worldwide Travel)

Whilst I initially set up the blog as a one year project – in celebration of Nomadic Thoughts trading for 25 years and my 50th birthday – I have been heartened by continued feedback from a variety of people across all five continents. Regular Nomadic Thoughts clients have responded to a large number of posts, and people I have never met have engaged (by phone, email and Twitter) on many of my blog topics. Similarly while I am aware that some of my posts may not interest as many people as I would like, I have been heartened by the diversity of people, living across the world, who have taken the time and trouble to visit the site and offer personal feedback.

When reflecting on the last twelve months since I started blogging, I am taken aback at how the speed of change in the travel industry continues to affect so many destinations. World events shape the market we operate in and my company Nomadic Thoughts, like everyone else, has to be constantly aware of how the landscape is evolving. Politics, economics and advancing technology affect and assist us perhaps more than any other industry.

February 2012

February 2012

Over the last year international tourist arrivals worldwide grew by 4%, peaking to over one billion. Noticeably tourism continues to play an important part in emerging economy destinations with 4.1% market growth.

Interestingly, we too at Nomadic Thoughts have noticed enquires rise on a variety of emerging destinations. Official tourism figures show Asia and the Pacific rising by 7%, with the sub-regions of South-East Asia and North Africa expanding by 9%. Central and Eastern Europe have also enjoyed an 8% tourism growth rate.

Living in Europe we continue to be aware of the fragility of the Eurozone, and hence vital importance of the tourism market. Certainly Greece, Italy, Spain are other countries are heavily reliant on tourism as a way to improve their economic standing. Europe as a region still remains the most visited with over 535 million arrivals.

The Americas (4%) and Africa (6%) have also enjoyed tourism growth since I first blogged in February 2012.

Although in comparison to worldwide tourism figures we at Nomadic thoughts are mosquito weights, we too have enjoyed a very positive year’s trading. We have arranged travel for clients to many countries across all six continents. We were also thrilled to win the ‘Best Small Luxury Worldwide Tour Operator Award’ at the 2012 British Travel Awards.

March 2012

March 2012

While we continue to engage customers who have travelled with us for over two decades, we are also excited by the number of new overseas-based clients. Faster communications and an expansion of globalisation means that we too now have regular Nomadic Thoughts’ clients who live in Asia, Australasia, Africa and the Americas – holidaying in a huge spread of vastly differing world-wide destinations.

From our base in London over the last twelve months, we have had Asian-based clients holidaying in the Middle East, Arabians and Americans travelling through Europe, Australians on safari in Africa and continental Europeans in the Antarctic.

As a small independent travel company operating in a very fluid and excitingly competitive market, we will continue to engage, serve and meet clients travel aspirations from all over the world. Hand on heart I know that our considerable experience and product knowledge is of real value in today’s often confusing international travel market.

April 2012

Zebra © Nomadic Thoughts (Worldwide Travel)

As I mentioned a year ago, people’s travel requirements change, and whilst we continue to see a demand for sunshine-beach style holidays we are also experiencing a gentle shift in our clients over all holiday aspirations. The value of a holiday is forever measured by the level of experience, and we are constantly excited by our clients’ thirst for differing cultures, out of the ordinary wilderness experiences and above all an opportunity to engage, enjoy and ultimately feed off the buzz of a great holiday.

Whether slowing down in a tropical island hide-away or learning a new skill, culture or lifestyle, the fact remains that a successful holiday combines a mixture of ingredients while at the same time matching one’s personal aspirations, energy levels and budget.

So I will continue to try to inspire you with this blog, by way of engaging you in the destinations, topics and issues that I feel are worth flagging up. Working on the principle that if I blog on what I feel is important, it might encourage you to have a closer look.

Here’s to another year …. and at the very least I hope you enjoy my photos.

May 2012

May 2012 © Jono Vernon-Powell

June 2012

June 2012 © Jono Vernon-Powell

July 2012

July 2012 © Jono Vernon-Powell

August 2012

August 2012 © Jono Vernon-Powell

September 2012

September 2012 © Jono Vernon-Powell

October 2012

October 2012 © jonovernon-powell

November 2012

November 2012 © Jono Vernon-Powell

December 2012

December 2012 © Jono Vernon-Powell

January 2013

Snowboarding above the clouds © JonoVernon-Powell