Tenerife – North Coast

Wild, dramatic, and hugely invigorating, Tenerife’s north coast is the slam dunk choice for those wishing to truly revel in the drama of such a diverse island landscape.

Shaped by the island’s historic volcanic activity, strong Atlantic swells, and a smattering of quieter coastal living enclaves, the whole coastline – from Buenavista del Norte in the west, through to the farthest reaches of the Parque Rural de Anaga in the east – is hugely alluring.

Throw in the unpredictable weather, and countless opportunities to get away from it all, I am confident the drama of such grandstanding scenery will sweep you off your feet.

However, high your clifftop views are, or close to the swell your sea-level wandering maybe, you are sure to delight in the diversity of coastal scapes, differing microclimates, and adventure activities.

Daily endeavours include coastal trekking, swimming, surfing, fishing, diving and sunbathing – whether on one of the countless black sand beaches, or spray-dominated rocky outcrops, the whole coastline is magical.

The authentic beauty of the wild northern shoreline is further enhanced by a variety of impressive local towns and settlements. All of which cling onto the striking volcanic rock scenery, providing a constantly captivating chance to further explore. From the historical plazas and swimming lagoons of Garachico, San Juan de la Rambla and Puero de la Cruz, to the dramatic coastal paths that unfold the closer you delve into the Parque Rural de Anaga.

As my photos show, the consistently rugged coastal settings, amid perilous rock formations, don’t appear to put anyone off. Sunbathers perch on jagged outcrops as the surf smashes all around. Fisherman dangle their rods from cliff-top precipices, and surfers clamber over life-threatening rocks, as hand-gliders swirl high across the island’s powerful thermals.

The inland coastal areas are equally dramatic, with Mount Teide-dominated views and a diversity of flora and fauna. Bright sunlight, as well as moody changes in weather, add to the drama of any trip to this region.

Just make sure you allow enough time to be seduced into returning another day.

The Rambla de Castrro, Charco del Viento, Charco Los Chochos, Barranco de Rui, Cueva del Viento, Las Lagunetas (to mention but a few) and array of exciting coastal neighbourhoods, restaurants, cafes, viewpoints, crags, bluffs, cliffs, and beaches await.

Oh, and don’t forget to hire a car, as well as take your camera, cozzie, and sun cream.

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