Adventure Travel Networking Conference 2025

I hugely enjoyed moderating last week’s Adventure Travel Networking Conference in central London. I would like to extend a belated, yet heartfelt, thank-you to such a dynamic collection of speakers & panelists.

In the process of covering such a wide range of adventure travel topics, the energy, knowledge, and engagement levels were as inspirational as they were enlightening. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as me.

Extra special thank you to Pru Goudie, Emily Baily, Holly Tuppen, Richard Hammond, Holly Budge, Lyn Hughes, Richard Skinner, Max Hardy, Remi Remington, Paul Easto, Hannah Methven, Andy Price, Elen Thomas, Kasia Morgan, Dylan Walker, Tom Dunn, Ashley Toft, Peter Syme, Samantha Bradbury, Deborah Potts, Xavier Font, Claire Ingleby, Tom Power,  Dave Shanks and Dave Howard.

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  1. Ashley Toft says:

    Great job as always Jono for keeping us on track, for what was a full and varied programme. Thanks again to Pru Goudie.

  2. Peter Syme says:

    Ha, the connections of dots I see in the travel industry often should be left in my head rather than exposed to the public.

  3. Jono Vernon-Powell says:

    Thank you. Agree, albeit credit to Peter Syme for giving us the focus, here’s to more hammocks & hippies, opposed to tanks & tails of woe

  4. Thomas Power says:

    And what a beautiful job you did Jono – who will ever forget Peter Syme’s uplifting tale of rampant tank production in central Europe?

  5. Julia Jones says:

    Such a shame that I missed the Adventure Travel Networking conference this year. I have received great feedback!

  6. Pru Goudie says:

    Fabulous day, thank you Jono as always for moderating with such energy and humour and keeping us all in line! Here’s to #ATN25 …

  7. Lynn Hughes says:

    Thank YOU Jono. You did a sterling job as ever, keeping everyone on track with the right mix of knowledge, curiosity, passion and humour

  8. Deborah Potts says:

    Brilliant job Jono and what a fab conference Pru Goudie and her ATN team organised. Really honoured to have been asked to present to such a great crowd.

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