Travel & Tourism Shipping Forecast – March 2020

General Synopsis:

High seas to continue into future. Overall forecast of depression bringing new lows, deteriorating traffic flows, lock downs and grounding of most fleets. Financial storms to gain in strength, with gale force domestic conditions and worsening remote working restrictions. Despite improved periods to the East, continued lows and gale force storms to mount across all other regions. Severely unusual seasonal patterns, with occasional storm forces 10 dips to gale 9 instability, resulting in plunging markets for long periods. Calmer environment, with new high expectations, only when in remoter isolated tropical island environments. Stress levels to remain cyclonic for long periods.

Americas North & Central

Wind Cyclonic, mainly northerly or north-easterly, 9 to severe storm 10 until early summer at best. High levels of political hot air, dissipation in remoter southerly districts.
Sea State Very rough or high, occasional dial down of rhetoric.
Weather Snow showers and mountain storms to continue, depressing future election outcomes.
Visibility Moderate to poor, occasional very poor. Widespread frost to outsiders, intermittent entrenchment.

South America & Antarctica

Wind Official travel warnings across border areas, decreasing traffic flow. Continued storms becoming variable further south. Antarctic backed up by visitation cessation observing little to no change in coastal storms. Cyclonic, mainly in strong tourist areas with seasonal festival numbers lowering. Moderate levels of hot air in lock down areas.
Sea State Very rough or high, supported by prospects of civil unrest.
Weather Rain showers in Amazonian regions. Snow flurries across southern visitor areas. Wintery economic forecast, back up by severe health warnings.
Visibility Moderate to poor, occasional widespread lessening in central tourism coastal areas.


Wind Huge travel disruptions across all Schengen areas. Continued gale force storms in western & Nordic regions. Decreasing footfall supported by depression and cyclonic lock downs. Southern areas in widespread depression with low windspeeds. Dissipating levels of hot air as situation becomes more desperate.
Sea State Calm with returning wildlife in Venetian neighbourhood. Widespread postponement of all events resulting in future diary congestion.
Weather Will feel wintery with economic support needed across all altitudes.
Visibility Moderate to poor when looking for wood from trees. Occasional glimpses of widespread frivolity during summer months. Thick fog patches to remain.


Wind Changeable in the north. Central desert region to remain depression free. Ever-changing across sub-Saharan districts with severe medical support issues blown in from north-easterly regions. Cyclonic, mainly in coastal areas with increasing gale 9 to storm 10 across remoter rural environments. Low levels of hot air in built up townships.
Sea State Storm force to dissipate across fragile infrastructure areas. Remoter safari neighbourhoods least affected by impending depressions.
Weather Rain showers and zero visitor forecasts to build as storm dissolves in far-eastern regions. Wintery economic forecast yet to be fully appreciated.
Visibility Moderate to poor, occasionally cloudy with lack of world’s media engagement.


Wind Widespread changes across all regions. Cyclonic with severe gale 9 to storm10 across major population areas. Severity of human suffering higher in sub-continent, improving gale force readings across Oriental post COVID-19 areas. Decreasing gales 6 to becoming variable across island communities.
Sea State Continued uncertainty through region with high seas set to dominate until later south of 69. Lock down of transportation and port movement to ease gradually in the east. Western region to experience continued period of health and economic instability.
Weather Unusually high storm resistance due to reactive state planning in early COVID-19 regions. Otherwise desperate to appalling storm for rest of territories. Hopes of occasional to regular improvements as year commences. Otherwise impending storm force weather to halt most major future tourism activity.
Visibility To be continually affected by lack of authoritative engagement in poorer regions. Clearer thanks to lower than usual fossil-fuel emissions in eastern areas. Southern and west areas to experience fog patches for continued long periods.


Wind Cyclonic and hot in central regions, 9 to severe storm 10 in coastal areas as well as across south Pacific island communities. Hopes of lower wind levels across bush fire areas. Decreasing gales 6 due to longer term forecast, as sustained lock down period dissipate.
Sea State Very rough or high, with only occasional clear island blue respites of calm. Decreasing 6 to gale 8 later in the year.
Weather Seasonal shift from natural showers and occasional ice periods depending effectiveness of government lock downs. Uncertainty, less so in remoter island areas.
Visibility Western areas clearer due to lowering bush fire burn out. Unusual winter storms in NZ areas affected by lack of tourism. Island tropical areas clearer than most.

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