Video Interview – Sharing My Views on COVID-19 Impact with CATO

As the fallout over the COVID-19 pandemic reverberates around the world, the travel & tourism industry continues to experience huge social, economic and environmental fallout.

In the process of evaluating how best to react and respond to the virus’ impact, one of our industry’s strengths has been the ability to share in our experiences, best-practises and local knowledge.

To this end, I was grateful to share thoughts with CATO (Council of Australian Tour Operators) in a recent interview with WellTravelled publisher Brent Rees.

As a council member of AITO (Association of Independent Tour Operators) – the UK’s equivalent of CATO – although we are at opposite ends of the world, it is amazing how the impact of such a disease so succinctly affects us all.

To see my interview please click the photo or see link

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  1. Wizz Appleton says:

    That was such a brilliant interview, well done Jono you smashed it. Loved the comment about the Ashes too.

  2. Tom Gillard says:

    A very lucid account of the present situation and a positive one of travel directions to come. Thank you, Jono.

  3. Bernadette & Andrew Erskine says:

    Excellent interview Jono. We do hope that Nomadic Thoughts survives these tough times for the travel industry.

  4. Hilary Edmonson says:

    Thank you for your great interview. Have sent it to friends in Australia. I pray also in is not “Goodnight Vienna”.

  5. Martin Hudson says:

    Excellent piece Jono. Eloquent, giving a fine precis of situation Nomadic Thoughts and the rest of the travel industry finds itself in. Bravo indeed,

  6. Sarah Caplan says:

    Really enjoyed that! Well done !! Bit sad when you said you didn’t know what may happen in next two years. Please God we are not all subjected to Expedia and

  7. Clive Stacey says:

    Nice one Jono, a very good summary of the way things are here. Best wishes – Clive.

  8. Caroline Jessel says:

    Really interesting and informative insight into the future of the travel industry.

  9. Kate Kenward says:

    Good interview Jono. Glad AITO have kept the connection with CATO going.

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