Wine Tours

Since the earliest days of production – going back to Georgia 6000 BC – humankind has enjoyed exploring the power of the best way to farm and ferment the grapes that produce wine.

Indeed, even in ancient days the journey of wine exploration appeared to know no boundaries, with Greece & Persia (c. 5000 BC), Armenia (c. 4100 BC), Sicily (c. 4000 BC) leading the way. Even the Chinese stake a claim to fermenting a comparable alcoholic rice, fruit and honey wine (c. 7000 BC).

Fast forward to today’s global wine industry, and you have a magical variety of destinations producing all manner of flavours, tastes, colours, and characteristics.

Over the decades, Nomadic Thoughts have arranged multitudes of trips to a swath of wine and vineyard locations across the globe. And whilst we do not pretend to have done much more than scratch the surface on all the possibilities, we always delight in tailoring the most suitable wine experiences. For example, we can either include a variety of wineland visits to complement existing destination itineraries, or delve deeper into planning a specific wine-focused touring holiday.

So, whether looking to keep the focus on the traditional top ‘Old World’ wine producing countries (Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Greece), or look further afield to the leading ‘New World’ destinations (Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, USA, Australia, South Africa) we are delighted to assist.

We fully appreciate that people have different tastes, as well as depth of knowledge. So, tell us your palate, and we will respond accordingly.

Whether focusing on crisp whites, deep reds, refreshing rosé, purple ports, famous fizz or vintage grüners. We know where to explore, sip and sup the best of them.

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