10th Year Blog Anniversary

I have now been blogging on travel & tourism related matters for ten years.

A decade that saw our industry dominated by technological advancements, geo-political changes and escalating environmental challenges.

Dubai sunset – with sun appearing to start rolling down like a bowling ball through Umm Suqeim Central Mosque and Burj Al Arab skittle pins, as (if you look closely) Venus rising next to Umm Suqeim minaret. Snapped from a moving Dubai Metro train.

In the process of personally turning sixty this year, my decade of blogging has covered my fifties. It started with my being trackside for Super Saturday at the 2012 London Olympics, and Nomadic Thoughts winning the BTA Best Small Worldwide Luxury Tour Operator Award.

Trackside – Jess Ennis, Super Saturday (London Olympic 2012)

Global international tourism reached over one billion people in 2012 (rising to 1.5 billion in 2019). Uber and AirBnB – today’s biggest transportation and accommodation providers (despite even today not directly owning any vehicles or property) – had hardly started.

Latterly the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on all our fellow industry stakeholders, destinations, and longstanding business associates. Nomadic Thoughts has had to negotiate almost no business for the past two years.

Petra, Jordan .. just before sunset, end of day scene that has hardly changed in over 2,000 years

Early 2022 sees transportation companies, accommodation providers and destinations re-calibrate their business models, as travel within Europe returns in earnest. North, Central & South America are also now fully open this month. Interestingly Africa, with such a young demographic, has bounced back in tourism terms a lot quicker than Asia or Australasia. For example, India, Bhutan, Indochina, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, and the south Pacific Islands remain closed.

As Chair of AITO’s Climate Crisis Think Tank (ACT), I too am aware of the challenges we all face in addressing the burgeoning climate crisis.

Austrian Alps .. pea soup below, but crystal clear high altitude view.

Despite humankind’s unfolding story and that of the planet we live on, I remain steadfastly optimistic for the future. I wholeheartedly believe that well-managed tourism remains a force for good, and the most important line of international communication.

To that end, I have chosen, with brief explanations, twenty of my favourite photos, all taken over the past decade since I started blogging.

Midday heat – here’s looking at you, great green macaw, Nicaragua

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope my second decade of blogs continues to be of interest to travellers.

Dance troop, Cochin India – exhausted during competition, when I asked to take their photo they all jumped up off the floor, immediately striking the pose

View from Fan-y-big. Our backyard in Brecon Beacons, that kept me sane as the travel industry went into meltdown during unfolding of COVID-19 pandemic

Mariachi band, Tulum Mexico – the smiling face of tourism

Cheetah, night time prowler – Laikipia, Kenya

Durbar Temple, Patan Kathmandu – people to see, chat to have

Drag queens outside Garrick Theatre. Proud to live in London, the most diverse city in the world, supporting LGBTQ communities

Young trainee monk – spontaneous larking for the lens

Flying above Okavango Delta, Botswana. 15,000 km2 of pristine wilderness

Wild pony hair do – Brecon Beacons, up from our house www.llwyn-y-fron.com

Malayattoor, south India – young Holy Week pilgrims moments after finishing their month long walking pilgrimage

Up in the gods snowboarder – good to be alive morning

Three generations of Indian dancers, with levels of concentration as strong as the 45°C humidity

Cusco, Peru – the magic hour. Taken as I came down from Sacsayhuamán Inca citadel

Tradition dress, Red Square, Moscow. The happier face of modern day Russia

Kathakahli stage performer – make up taking twice as long as the performance

20 replies
  1. Adrian Welsh says:

    Fabulous photos, and a great reminder of the powerful beauty of our own Brecon Beacons.

  2. Mike Cummins says:

    What a terrific set of photos, Carry on Snapping ! So glad to hear you managed to keep your head above water. Onwards and Upwards for NT

  3. John Gillies says:

    Hi Jono

    Just seen your anniversary blog. Fabulous photos, well done. I’m pleased that you’ve stayed the course, survived the crises and are still doing what you do best. Keep at it!

    All best – John

  4. Caroline says:

    Stunning photos, Jono! It’s good to hear your enthusiasm and positivity coming through after such challenging times – well done for steering Nomadic Thoughts through and remaining a beacon of light in the travel industry.

  5. Claire Wilson says:

    Blimey 10 years of blogging …
    Lovely pictures as always. Keep them coming! And here’s to better traveling days.

  6. Sandy MCINDOE says:

    Geez you’ve nailed my lounge chair travelling Jono. The beauty you capture in every pic is bloody spectacular. Now I noticed you’ve overlooked one from down under. Tell me that wasn’t over 10 years ago! Xx

  7. Mick Jones says:

    Sterling and stunning stuff Jono, here’s to a better year for you all at Nomadic Thoughts

  8. David Cooksey says:

    Great work Jono. Congratulations on the last decade. Awesome pictures, (love the Kathakahli stage performer). Keep up the good work.

  9. Sarah Potts says:

    Wow Jono, feel happy and after looking at those pics, they are wonderful. Well done my friend

  10. Julia Fuller says:

    Fabulous photos, Jono – I know these are only the tip of the iceberg – keep them coming! Looking forward to the next 10 years of your blogging……..

  11. Fiona Cairnes says:

    Such wonderful inspirational insightful photos that shriek out to the viewer to explore this incredible earth we inhabit. Keep them coming!!

  12. Thomas Jones says:

    Keep blogging Jono, look forward to more great photos and diverse travel ideas for the next ten years and beyond.

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