Peru – Ancient Artefacts

The rich, ancient Inca culture of Peru continues to stand the test of time, rewarding travellers with an outstanding legacy of historical sites, cultural exhibits, and high-altitude historical destinations accessible for all.

As my photos show, the level of artistry over the centuries is quite exceptional.

The abundance of artifacts awaiting the visitor continues to be mind-blowing. Whether delving through the many local museums (Lima or Cusco) or exploring ever-unfolding cultural sites, the richness of Peruvian people’s lives through the ages is clear to see. From the majesty of high-altitude Inca sites to the giant Nasca desert carved images, the opportunity to explore and appreciate the artistic and architectural Andean heritage of the region continues to thrill.

The dominant, grandstanding scenery has had a continuing influence on shaping arts and crafts. Stretching back to 2500 BC, the cultural objects shown in this blog alone highlight how carefully items were created from precious metals, textiles, pottery, and stone.

Furthermore, the historical importance of music, dance and a good party over the millennia is still evident in today’s panpipes, flutes, and charangoes, many of which have barely altered in design over time.

Equally, everyday scenes of religion, politics, war and culture remain in so many of the country’s historical artefacts. From ornate pottery, colourful headdress, gold masks, fancy textiles and beautiful jewellery, to elaborate wood carvings.

So, as you dust down the lesser-opened post-pandemic Atlases, if an abundance of rich cultural exhibits, matched by stunning South America landscapes tickle your fancy – look no further than a trip to Peru.

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