Monthly Archives: March 2012

India, Bhopal – The Good News (27.03.12)

The very word ‘Bhopal’ conjures up images of the appalling chemical gas leak tragedy in December 1984. Regarded as oneView full post »

Burma – a new dawn? (21.03.12)

Four months ago in November 2011 we announced Nomadic Thoughts’ return to offering tours to Burma. I was delighted toView full post »

International Women’s Day (08.03.12)

International Women’s Day (8th March 2012) celebrates the successes of women as well as focusing on the inequalityView full post »

Russia, Moscow Mid-winter (12.03.12)

The recent presidential election in Russia may have heated the political landscape, but with Vladimir Putin headingView full post »

Tribes & Tourism (02.03.12)

The ever sensitive subject of tourism inappropriately inter-acting with indigenous tribes has again been highlightedView full post »