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As highlighted in my previous blog ‘Africa Wildlife – Devastated by COVID Tourism Drop‘, the WWF’s Living Planet Report 2020 (published today) throws a continued focus on mankind’s fractured relationship with nature. Furthermore, the way forward on all things COVID-19 remain complicated.

Furthering the narrative, my guests on this week’s Adventure Travel Networking NewsBlast share some fascinating insights into how present and future tourism landscapes are unfolding. With special reports from Africa.

Sarah Marshall (Travel Editor of Press Association) – reflects on the way forward into 2021, with huge availability issues pegged against new traveller demands.

Beks Ndlovu (Africa Bush Camps) – shares how his 15 safari camps in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe are coping, adapting and preparing to start re-welcoming visitors in a COVID-friendly manner this month.

Jean Du Plessis (Safari Guide & Rangers Training Expert) – reveals how the current difficulties attached to Africa’s wildlife protection are playing out with no tourists. Highlighting the grassroots practicalities and costs behind keeping ranger-protection units in the field.

If you have a spare 15 minutes, I would like to invite you to enjoy hearing their extremely worthwhile thoughts and observations.

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  1. Jono Vernon-Powell says:

    Hi Fiona,

    Thank you for your message – I guess the very least we can all do is share our concerns and suggest suitable and effective links/updates/protection initiatives with as many a possible.

    FYI – the following sites have very good info ––2

  2. Fiona Elworthy says:

    Jono, I don’t have much cash so what else can I do to help save Africa wildlife? I am v keen to stop them shooting elephants in Botswana.

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