Blog – British Travel Awards 2020 Nomination

‘Most Adaptive Blogger 2020’

I am delighted that, during this COVID-19 period, my blog has once again been nominated for a British Travel Award – in theMost Adaptive Blogger 2020 category.

When invited to highlight further details on my blog I was asked two questions.

1. Why I should win this category?

2. My proudest achievements of past year?

My responses were as follows;

Q1. Why I should win this category?

With COVID-19’s impact felt across the globe the travel & tourism industry has suffered an unprecedented cessation in all services. Throughout this period, I have purposefully offered a narrative of comment, observation and dialogue specifically highlighting the relevant week by week impact of the virus on travel.

Mindful of casting observation relevant to all stakeholders, I started turning my focus on the unfolding of the industry crisis – ‘Beware Ides of March’ and ‘Tourism Shipping Forecast’. Before focusing on how best to adapt to lock down – ‘Self-Isolation – Himalayan Monk Style’ and ‘Easter Under Lockdown’.

As COVID-19’s impact developed, I moved onto how best we can come out of the crisis – ‘Airlines – Climate & COVID Crisis Recovery Plan‘ and ‘Creative Travel Thinking – The Future’. In addition to highlighting examples of imminent travel opportunities ‘Air Bridge Option‘ and ‘Virtual Staycation – Stonehenge Summer Solstice’.

Furthermore, in the process of continuing the every evolving story-line I expanded blog postings to include ‘When? Where? How? ‘Global Tourism Reopens’ as well as sharing my video interview, with personal insight on the situation, with CATO (Council of Australian Tour Operators) on the other side of the world.

I referenced that all photographs in my blogs (10,000+) are taken by myself.

Q2. My proudest achievements of past year?

(a) Blog: collection of Himalayan blog postings highlighting local culture from Bhutan/Nepal.

1. Dancing Monks of Mongar, Bhutan

2. Bhutan’s Prayer Flags

3. Trashigang Dzong – Eastern Bhutan

4. Self-Isolation – Himalayan Monk Style

5. Bhutan Mountain Road – Samdrup Jangkhar to Trashigang

6. Kathmandu at Night, Nepal

(b) Business: Reaction to COVID-19 crisis

  1. Bringing all stranded customers home safely.
  2. Communicating with clients & suppliers to postpone 98% of pre-booked 2020 trips into 2021.
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