Interlaken – Switzerland

Sitting like a giant cog in the middle of a magnificent Alpine wheel, Interlaken is the perfect location to explore the hugely impressive Bernese Oberland region of central Switzerland.

Surrounded by spectacularly giant mountains such as The Eiger, Mӧnch and Jungfrau, the town has been one of mountaineers’ go to locations since the completion of the Bernese Oberland Railway in 1890, and then Jungfrau Railway in 1912.

Taking its name from its geographical location between lakes, with the Aare flowing through the town linking Lakes Brienz and Thun, the relatively small population of just over 23,000 inhabitants plays host to visitors seeking a swath of popular outdoor activities. It caters for all levels of interest, from lake steamboat rides to the wilder higher alpine climbing, trekking, cycling, rafting and skiing locations.

Whether visiting during mid-winter, or the height of summer, you are in for a treat. With access to dramatic ski fields, high mountain passes, grandstanding lake-views, railways, wellness retreats and kilometre after kilometre of hiking paths.

Whatever your energy levels, when based in the town, at 566m asl, standby to be transported into a world of mountain landscapes.

As my photos show (all taken in mid-April), Interlaken’s spectacular location is appealing across all seasons. Highlighted here by the late winter flurries of snow across higher ground, as the town and valley below come out from winter, blinking in the springtime sunshine. I therefore urge you to go whenever you can find time.

Regular bus services link up superbly with the country’s uber-efficient railway network. Equally, the fleet of boating options, including historic paddle steamer, allows for variety of local lake excursions. Furthermore, outdoors activity options are extensive with the added opportunities presented by Jungfraujoch, Schynige Platte, Niederhorn, Heimwehflue and Schilthorn close to hand.

At the very least make sure you take the 10-minute panoramic funicular train up to Harder Kulm at 1,322m. When the clouds clear, the views, as shown here, are breathtaking.

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  1. Chris Roberts says:

    Great photos. Love the imagination – the Swiss hats, postcards and signposts, so cool!

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