Winter Travel Ideas – Nomadic Thoughts ‘Best Luxury Travel Company Finalist’ (13.11.13)

BTA FinalistFirstly– a HUGE thank you to all who voted for Nomadic Thoughts in the recent British Travel Awards ‘Best Luxury Travel Company’ category.

Whilst we did not win this year, we were delighted to have been shortlisted as one of three ‘Finalists’ – an accolade we are particularly proud of as we were once again the smallest nominated company.

Secondly – whilst we appreciate how tricky it can be keeping abreast of up-to-date travel disruptions (civil strikes in north America, animal migrations in Africa, adverse weather in Asia…) we do have a handle on the most up-to-date information.

Upper Nile - without the crowds.

Upper Nile – without the crowds.

For example we are now experiencing an 11-year-peak in the Northern Lights cycle; have unprecedented last minute Indian Ocean Christmas/New Year availability; and have access to Australia Ashes tickets.

lightsAdditionally, we very much welcome Friday’s relaxation of FCO Travel Advice to Egypt’s Upper Nile, Alexandria and Western Oasis regions – thereby freeing up the vast majority of Egypt’s main tourist destinations. Not only is this now an excellent time to visit the main sites with vastly reduced visitor numbers, allowing for a very special ‘Egyptology experience‘, but all those involved in the local Egyptian tourism industry will be re-doubling their welcome to international visitors in the process.ashes

We believe this to be a particularly unique window of opportunity. In contrast to so many other World Heritage Sites around the world suffering from excess visitor numbers, you can now visit Tutankhamun’s Tomb without the daily thousand-long queue; feel as if you have the run of the Temple of Philae; enjoy a private morning view over Lake Nassau from the Temple of Abu Simbel and explore the deserted sand dunes of the Western Desert Oasis.

So … as ever, please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any travel information.

White Christmas & New Year - Indian Ocean style.

Bearing Christmas gifts – Indian Ocean style.